>Bubbles! But not until tonight, after I had given it twelve extra hours (from this morning) and set it atop the fridge through the day in order to stay warm, since we keep the house fairly frigid. A nice ripe smell, too, which I was thrilled for. Per usual, I guessed when removing the 2/3rds out – hopefully it was close enough to the correct volume to not screw it up.

I want to make John both a regular loaf this upcoming weekend, and perhaps sourdough garlic bread (does that work?) this weekend for our one year together (not long distance) here in OKC. We’ll see. I’m already afraid it won’t rise.

At least he liked the Swiss chard tonight, although I overseasoned it a bit. And he loved the spaghetti squash. But who doesn’t, when it’s topped with asiago and butter?