>Very ripe smell this morning, although fewer bubbles. But I had to breathe through my nose, and I consider that success. According to the blog where I’ve stumbled upon this fascinating process, http://www.wildyeastblog.com/2007/07/13/raising-a-starter/, the gooey mess should begin doubling tomorrow? We’ll see. We’ll even see tonight, when I open the lid again. Tonight I’m taking pictures.

In the meantime, Kali invited John & I over for dinner on Saturday night, which means…cake! Can I tackle the peppermint meringue cake? Should I? No more tears over meringue, I’ve decided. 2 times this year is enough. Those damn meringue cookies. I WILL conquer you. I will destroy you! By eating you, or at least feeding you to John. Oh, and so if I get to make this peppermint chocolate-y deliciousness, then perhaps I can make him something lemon for our OKC anniversary. When I asked him last night, his first thoughts were lemon cream pie, but he does love meringue. Is it too much meringue for one weekend? When I’ve failed in all other meringue aspects? We shall see. Oh, and bread this weekend, too. Hopefully the sourdough.

Here’s the cake. Mine won’t look like this, I can guarantee. But it MAY be as tasty.