I’ve been home since 1 pm yesterday, and I’m already itching to go do something. Five inches of ice kept the car doors from opening this morning; John had to throw himself into the front door to get it open so the dog could go out. Plus, periodically running water faucets for ten minutes at a time so the pipes don’t burst – apparently, that’s normal here. There wasn’t a storm like this all of 2009. We’re going on five inches of snow on top of the ice.

Now I’m one more week behind on my running schedule, since I took a few days off for my aching right Achilles tendon. The breadmaking and whiskey lying around the house aren’t going to make getting back on track any easier. At least there’s no chocolate around here.

The dog likes the weather. And I’m grateful we’re not one of the 15,000 here in the city that don’t have power.