>My co-worker – I have several of them, but she’s the only one like me, (ie: no accounting degree, but the one to whom all the clients go to with questions, and we both think we should get paid more for that reason alone) – suggested that making it through this tax season without booze would make me a saint. That was because I mentioned my goal of trying to get to Valentine’s Day without booze, which of course is only ten days away, and already unfathomable, at 10 o’clock this morning.

But the Braeberry Street revision is done, which means I can put it away for awhile (while the Fragments shred it). Partner Gio and I have sent off our babies – Rotullo the merchant and Corda the rope, respectively – into the world, and we can ignore them until they return with news of their success or failure.

I gave my stubborn Achilles tendon three full days off, but then jumped back into my normal running schedule, which according to the latest Runner’s World, wasn’t the right thing – I should have halved my mileage, and run much slower the first few runs back. Time to pull out the Chi Running book again – I’m hoping its my fault, that I’m landing wrong on my foot. (Lisa? Sammy? Steve C.? Do any of you have problems with that?)

Also, I think the weight training I’ve started – and the consequent healing of tiny microscopic tears – has sucked all the energy out of my body, even though I hardly did any legs weights the day before. That theory doesn’t make complete sense, as my Monday run was fine, even after a grueling session with the trainer on Sunday, but last night was the first time I’ve ever not been able to run since I started in 2007. I guess we’ll find out what happens – I’m trying not to imagine the worst.

And the ice cracked the windshield of John’s car. And his school has screwed up his GI bill payment. And…and…and…and I might get a bread machine! That could be super fun.

Hot chocolate sounds good, with more coffee.

I really want to bake a cake – it’s been way too long since the last one. A friend mentioned a caramel cake on facebook; I’ve never made one of those. Oh, and look at this.

I did make some cookies for John last night by dumping unmeasured amounts of flour, butter, baking soda, salt, sugar, half an egg, ground coffee, cocoa powder & chocolate chips in a bowl, stirring it all together and plopping it on a cookie sheet – the conglomeration made four cookies. He liked them.