>Work has gone from hardly working to so busy I can only grab a few minutes here and there. I even dreamed about tax returns last night – it was awful.

Today is cold and misty. There’s fog rising off the pond.

It’s bread-making weather. Or rather, just put the ingredients in the machine and let it do the work weather.

A light whole wheat bread.

I have the ingredients for a rye loaf set on a timer in the machine, to go with the pork apple stew for dinner, if that’s what we end up having, stew with apples and hard apple cider in it. And maybe we’ll try Graeme’s Talisker Scotch. All of that before I make the unmentionable.


We had Girl Scout Cookies for dinner instead of stew & rye bread. Well, I did, and John had a panini with the wheat bread, because the rye? Not so pretty.

This is what happens when you try to convert a 3 lb loaf recipe into a 1 lb loaf recipe, and you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s hilariously awful-looking, but it tastes amazing.

Maybe the stew & pie tomorrow.

I finished another revision of Braeberry Street tonight. Off to more readers, and then we’ll see how I feel about submitting it. I have a feeling it might just get shelved indefinitely, since it doesn’t seem to really fit a market. Yet I’m happy with where it’s at right now. It’s gone through so many changes, and every single one makes it that much better.