>A baking frenzy this weekend, and our 6-month anniversary brunch at Bellini’s, which was deliciouso (including a bloody mary with horseradish, sun-dried tomatoes & kalamata olives for me, and an Irish coffee for John). I made 2 loaves of Hungarian split-farmhouse loaf, one with 1/2 a cup of buckwheat flour as an experiment (on the right), and the other as normal. The last time I made this bread, it turned out splendidly. Yet the loaf on the left (the normal) looks a bit like the rye from yesterday, and the buckwheat on the right a success (although a bit flat). I’m not sure what happened. At least they both taste fantastic.

And then the pork and apple cider stew, which was lovely. We drank some of the Talisker, which I don’t like quite as much as the Laphroaig, although still enjoyable in its own right. I agree with Graeme, it is like the sea. Briny, and almost ashy.

Then this. Here is what it looked like for me, and I forgot the Kahlua, too. It was deliciously evil. I’m going to try to pass a few pieces off at work tomorrow, too, to spread the guilt.

Also bought Mieville’s The City and the City at Borders today. I’ve been waiting for it in paperback, but finally gave in. And Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker, which I’m not convinced I’ll like, but I need to give it a shot – I’m very well-versed in the short story market right now, but it’s been awhile since I’ve read a good novel. There were also some YA’s I was planning to purchase, but the Borders didn’t have them, which frustrated me. You’d think after being well-received enough to get a Nebula nomination and also a ‘best of’ on the Locus reading list that a Borders would carry them, but no. Oh well.