>Shannon’s downstairs making us martinis, so I thought I would grab a minute. How much I miss Chicago restaurants! Tonight, we went to a tapas bar in Rice Village – we ordered quail with figs in chipotle and chocolate sauce – heaven. Then poached monkfish in a honey saffron cream – I can’t imagine how they made it, as there was no texture of honey in the sauce, almost as if they boiled, frothed it into cream. Garlic spicy shrimp, baby clams and lamb kebobs in herbed couscous. Absolute heaven. It makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen, but I’ve been so unmotivated lately there…probably because of how much my life is absorbed in taxes right now at work. But I should do more with fish – more sauces, more broiling, etc.

It’s so good to talk with Shannon – we’re making up with lost time from Christmas, although it’s only a short weekend. But it’s good to bond about Mom, and about everything else. Tomorrow, massages & spa & gym and more martinis, then shopping.

Oh, and Shannon’s just handed me a martini, in a plastic martini glass. She says it’s because they slip out of her hands in the sink when she’s washing them. Mmm-hmm. I think there’s another reason why Benny only lets her drink out of plastic glasses.

I love my family so much! We’re all so predictable.