>A harder day than I would have expected – the first Easter without Mom. We always celebrated this day so much growing up, and I can still hear Mom’s voice singing all the Easter hymns. You’d think that the joy of the resurrection would still mean so much to me, since it’s the reason why I’ll see her again one day, but all I can think about is how much I need her to be here now, and she’s not.

First holiday syndrome, again. I suppose it will get a little easier every holiday after this.

A lovely weekend with John anyway, and some much needed sleep. Some split white loaf tin bread, which was wonderful to make. Also, some cherry tomato margherita pizza, which I didn’t manage to take a picture of before we devoured it.

We also finished the first season of the BBC’s Skins – an amazing series. Only one of the kids has even somewhat of a functional family, which is heartbreaking. I’ve learned so much about life watching these episodes, and writing good, strong, believable and vulnerable characters.