>I finally pushed record on the camera so we could get Buddy freaking out at the little blue stuffed bunny that sings an obnoxious hop-hop-hop-Easter song. Usually we chase him with it and he goes completely nuts, but we’ve managed to get him a little worked up on the below clip, which is just for you, Dad. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any sound on there, so John agreed to narrate what was going on.


It’s really quite delightful to watch – Buddy is such a happy dog, bouncing around all the time like a deer, only as big as a Shetland, nearly. But this tiny little little toy, and probably the flopping ears & somewhat creepy song drives him crazy.

Also, this loaf of Hungarian bread, for another rainy day. I let it rise too much, so then it completely deflated and looks somewhat ridiculous, but it smells fantastic, and I’m sure will taste good.

Tax season is OVER. Now the season for silly and time-consuming work projects begins, which alternates with hopefully productive writing bouts. Unfortunately, both Lightspeed & Fantasy Magazine are shutting down their slush submissions for awhile, so that’s kind of a bummer, but it would be good for me to get back into OWW – I’ve been inactive for so long there that it might be difficult to get back into it.