>Right outside the front door at work. Aren’t they lovely? Several bushes of them.

It’s been a good week – I don’t think I’ve said that since January. I hope I say it until at least 2011. And, John and I figured out where we want to go for our honeymoon/anniversary. We might buy the trip tonight – we’ll see. And, I put Children Dumpling Soup back up on OWW (Gio tells me it works!!!), and finally got myself involved again doing crits. It feels great.

Tonight, turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and a glass of Macallan scotch, and a last hurrah on the legendary Halo 3 campaign before the beta for the new one comes out next week (John tells me that I’m a geek. Or is it a nerd? Because apparently there’s a huge difference…and it’s not as if he can really talk…) And hopefully the starter for the rye bread I want to make – it needs to sit over twelve hours.