>Black bean brownies are unbelievable. Gluten-free, sugar-free, fiberlicious, with only 2 downsides: they’re a lot of work, especially if your blender/food processor is a cheap one, and one batch has 2 sticks of butter in it. Oh, so I guess there’s a third downside: they’re far too easy to put away because they’re just so damn good.

I used this recipe. My walnuts were stale, so I skipped those, and I didn’t have quite enough agave nectar so I had to use a little splenda and honey, but soooo good. I used 1/2 Ghirardelli chocolate (100% cocoa) and 1/2 Baker’s unsweetened chocolate, and I think I want to use a smaller pan next time so they’re thicker – they’re so moist that we froze them, and it’s like the most amazing chocolate cake bars/brownies you’ve ever had. No need for regular sugary brownies ever again.

Then, the best rye loaf ever – this one had a starter, which was just boiling water, rye flour and honey, which I put together last night, then did the bread today. With a single piece of cheese, it was heaven.

I didn’t put away the dozens of books and cds on my floor in the office like I was planning to, but we certainly ate well tonight – roasted chicken & potatoes & carrots with the bread & brownies. Oh, and the Ghost in the Shell Innocence movie, which is stunning on HD. I think I liked the actual seasons better, the individual episodes.

And…John and I bought our honeymoon/anniversary trip! Hurray! Santa Barbara & Solvang, California, in August. And, another Chicago trip for me at the end of May – little baby Youngerman better be born when he’s supposed to so I get to meet him.

Haven’t had many OWW reviews on Children Dumpling Soup yet, but that’s because I haven’t put in the effort I need to first. That’s on the plan for tomorrow. Plus, I think the end is still a bit problematic – we’ll see if I can fix that. And I want to finish Deadbells this week. A big goal, considering the lack of direction I feel about it, but who knows, it may surprise me and work out.