>Another Oklahoma tornado day, complete with drenching rain and hail, and a terrified 100-lb dog. Terrified. So terrified that he goes upstairs and hides in the bathroom, even when John and the cat, who is the love of his life, are downstairs. It’s hilarious.

The cat, meanwhile, cannot be bothered with trivial things like storms.

Day 2 of Shredding – it is NO fun to do jumping jacks and butt kicks and squats ten minutes after you roll out of bed. No fun at all. Miserable, in fact.

28 more days to go.

I also got a personal rejection of Braeberry Street from Asimov’s yesterday. Personal. The editor liked it; it just wasn’t right for them, which I had a feeling it wouldn’t be. Now I just need to find something else that is – which I’m hoping is Deadbells, although that story is just so complicated, and long that it’s taking more time than I wish it would. Will I learn patience eventually? Who knows.