>This was too damn cute not to post, even though I need to remove the cat and start packing, since we have to leave here in thirty minutes for the airport.

What is it with cats and suitcases? And then naturally, John started putting stuff on him, and Kitty just didn’t care.

I’d intended to blog so many times this week – musing about Fish out of Water, which I pulled back out, Deadbells, which is off to very trusted friends, and lots of other things, but never got around to it because the funeral of a co-worker’s husband took me out for a few days. He had a cancer like Mom’s, which sucked away at his platelets & turned his white blood cells against him, and he died on Sunday at 63 years old. 2 funerals in 9 months is two too many for me, I think, although I feel I should be responding better to this – death is as much a fact as life is.

But that’s enough about that – I get to see my girls this weekend! Thank God for an extra vacation day. And the best sushi tonight, too…funny how much I miss Chicago when I’m away from it.