It’s hot here this morning, as hot as in OKC, and both Sinclair and Oskar are sprawled out on the wooden floor nearly panting in the heat – I’m so glad I’m not covered in fur like they are. They’re such little delights, in their begging-for-food, brotherly fighting, affectionate head-licking ways. Osky needed a friend – I’m so glad Malia realized that, and Sinclair with his kitten energy is the perfect addition.

I love Malia’s apartment, too, which is so much like 1350 N. Kedzie with the wooden floors and high ceilings and built-in bar…of course the same furniture and paintings and all my houseplants (which I forced Malia to take when I moved) have much to do with that. And her, too – she’s family, really. A sister. I’ve relaxed more in the last twenty-four hours than I have in the last nine months. I knew I’ve missed my friends, and my Chicago life, but I suppose I didn’t realize how much.

Becky’s bringing little Karsten over this afternoon – after Malia and I go to the gym so we can work off the 5 desserts we had last night. Yes. Or was it 6? Butterfly gave Amy and Malia and I Thai custard, cheesecake and green tea ice cream, (all small portions! really!) but then we passed the May Street Cafe a few doors down, which offered a flight of cupcakes – peanut butter, ginger & carrot. Peanut butter cupcakes! And I wanted coffee, desperately. So we went inside and got the cupcakes, and this smores thing, and this other ice cream made of some sort of stout with toffee pieces (toffee!) and dragon ale (dragon!!!) and the adorable Brazilian bartender and the owner made me a little Happy Birthday sign.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.