>I’ve made a lot of bread in the last 2 weeks, but the pictures have all been either non-interesting, or the bread was devoured before I could find the camera; some variations on herb bread for the bread machine, herbs with cheddar and onion, (parsley, dill, chives, rosemary, etc.), and then a few loaves of onion cheddar by hand. Sunday I made buttermilk-onion-cheddar bread, which John said was the best yet. But he always says that.

We tried out the cedar plank on the grill – I soaked it in water, then added wine and lemon, and put a lovely pink salmon filet on there. The filet took forever to cook, only finishing up after I’d forgotten about it and the cedar plank was in flames. Now that I would love a picture of, but when one opens the grill and flames leap out in an attempt to devour one’s face, the last thing one thinks of is where’s-the-camera. Good thing the planks are disposable.

Oh, and I made this with the salmon, too, which was just unbelievably delicious with the fresh dill and tomatoes. Next time, I want to use dried beans, and I’ll soak them for awhile. The salad really does look just like the picture in the recipe.

DJ arrives for a week today – which means we’ve stocked up on serious booze, and I can also try out all the dessert recipes I’ve been hanging onto for too long. Like this. And this. And this, even though it’s kind of trashy because you use a box mix. But blackberry wine! And then I’ll need gym and Jillian time.