>I found this against the door frame this morning. At first I thought something kinky was going on, and then I realized there was only one cicada here, and maybe it was hatching.

It was bright green, almost neon, with bulbous eyes like pinheads, and wings that faded from the same green to translucent and webby. It’s green cockroach hugeness was unsettling – I was quite worried it was going to jump into my hair and bury itself in my scalp, or claw my skin away with its frog legs. One of its feet still seemed attached to the shell, which looked like it had more guts and slimy stuff inside it than the dried-out shells we’ve found previously on the door.

I showed John, and then we started worrying it was dead. But then its wings started twitching, and it trembled a little, clearly alive. We were both so thrilled it was like a baby had said its first word, or walked. And then I took lots of pictures, because as much as I adore them, there’s only so many Buddy & Kitty pictures that are new anymore.
Although John did his own stuff-on-my-cat thing again this morning. He put my workout pants on Kitty, who was not amused.