>2 weeks! That’s the worst I’ve been since I’ve started this thing. But I don’t feel badly about it because I truly haven’t had the time – too many crits, too many short stories, both mine and other people’s, and too much revising of a story that finally made its first foray out into the world last week, plus a raise and a new office and an increased workload at the day job. It’s tax season all over again, until I adjust to it. I keep trying to remind myself that the stress will ease up.

It’s also been too hot to do anything but lounge around. 105 minimum every day, with the heat index. I’m going to start a ‘for-the-move-to-Alaska’ penny jar. Or maybe a quarter jar, so it will happen sooner.

California, tomorrow, for our anniversary. I can’t WAIT. We’re flying into Santa Barbara and then staying in Solvang – the last time I was there I was an awkward, ugly ten year old with big permed hair and glasses, and hanging out with the family wasn’t cool. I imagine this will be a much different trip, including much, much wine and food. There are wine tours on bicycles, where you pedal from winery to winery!

Although now that I think about it, it seems like too much work – being chauffeured could be smarter. And thanks to some friends, we have some must-see and must-dine at recommendations, including one restaurant that has its very own cheese menu. I know, I know, but don’t forget, I’ve moved to Oklahoma. No restaurant has cheese menus here. It’s very sad.