>I had fully intended on more wining and dining posts from California, but the internet was so poor in the hotel room that I gave up, and spent all my writing time at the pool instead. I was also going to do a post yesterday about Mom, but the day flew by quite quickly, and before I knew what had happened, it was midnight, I’d had one too many glasses of sauvignon blanc, and then it was today, our anniversary.

Which we are celebrating with a bottle we brought back from the Zaca Mesa winery. We liked the Bridlewood winery the best, overall, but this Syrah is so lovely – full of coffee and chocolate and dark berry tastes. If I could find the tasting pages we kept, I’d write down how the powers that be at Zaca Mesa describe it – they’re the professionals. But the pages have disappeared, so you get my inadequate words, and a picture of the bottle.

And then we grilled steaks, and I made simple baguettes, with happy (happy = unbleached, un-enriched) flour. They were good, but I sort of screwed them up by putting in 1 cup (out of 5) whole wheat flour, which resulted in them appearing more flat than puffy. And while good, the taste just isn’t the same.

I really need to try sourdough again, since it’s warm enough in the house for it to ferment the way it needs to.

But this week – I’m hoping to get back to some sort of schedule again. I’ve got ten plus crits to do for both OWW and the Fragments, and the slush never runs out. In my own stuff, I’ve got at least three stories to revise, two YA books to make into one, and the newest story about a girl and her aliens. All that combined with a brand new time and billing system at work, and John and I starting to run again in the morning, meaning the alarm will be set for 4:45 am – I’m going to need to find some extra hours in the day, somewhere.