>Lots of growth this morning! Nearly two inches. And terribly, terribly smelly.

Only, the fantastic blog that I’m following tells me very specifically that I haven’t birthed a miracle baby.

Don’t be fooled; this does not mean you’ve birthed a miracle baby. In the initial stages of a culture, a type of bacteria called leuconostoc may predominate; it produces a lot of gas and causes the rapid rise. This bacteria is not desirable, but not harmful either, and it will eventually die out as the beneficial critters settle in and the culture becomes more acidic. You may also notice that the culture has a rather unpleasant odor; don’t worry, this too shall pass.

So, oh well. This is still more growth than the two previous attempts. And it hasn’t quite been 24 hours, and when I feed it again, which is supposed to be in twelve, it will have only been about 9-10 hours. Yet it’s nasty and humid out today – already 90 degrees right now, with an ugly humidity – so it may grow just fine up here in the office.

I’m excited to have it, too, for in the future. Sourdough EVERYTHING. And since John’s mom & sister live so close now, I can force bread off on them. I read somewhere that the Boudin company in San Francisco has been using the same starter for 150 years – which is both creepy and amazing.

So while I wait, I have a few crits to do, photos to organize, and hard mode on the original Bioshock (I am so excited for this to come out, which I first read about on tor.com – Steampunk! – even more excited than for Halo Reach) to beat while John upgrades my computer. Plus, maybe some pool time, or yoga.