>Hurray! The starter doubled itself by the time I got home from work, so maybe…10 hours? Now I skip the rye, and feed it only warm water (not hot – I think that’s why mine took two days longer to grow than her’s) and happy white flour. My favorite part is that the starter already smells like warm, homemade bread.

I actually tasted it- it was terrible. Very, very, very sour.


Doing some more reading – I learned some fantastic things about sourdough. It’s got a lower glycemic index and show digesting potential for people who can’t digest gluten (but who eat it anyway, like me!). It makes certain minerals more absorbable by the body – also so important, more than most people realize. (Why take vitamins if your body can’t absorb them anyway?)

I can’t wait to make loaves this weekend – I’m a little nervous, because I’m certain something will go wrong, but I have to start somewhere. And then I have to figure out how to maintain it.

After that, sourdough everything. (Sourdough pancakes! Roasted garlic bread!) It will be my way of celebrating getting out of time and billing hell at work, which I think may actually be over. Now back to some serious writing.