>I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for another batch of bread today, but for some reason, I couldn’t let it go – this bread won’t beat me. So I tried again, measured the recipe in grams as it says (rather than converting it), and used the leftover starter from last night to make a sponge for sourdough English muffins for this morning. With extra sharp cheddar and sunny-side up eggs, these made the best breakfast I may have ever had:

And then, the bread. The dough is so gooey right out of the mixer that it seems wrong – but this time, I just let it be a mess and get everywhere. Sure enough, as it fermented, it came together more, until I could fold it and not lose anything on my hands.

It actually tasted like sourdough, too, which was very neat. The crust browned better, too, although I still have to work on the steaming process.

Some writing today on Stone Lake, finally. Not as much as I wanted, as neither I nor John were feeling well all day, but hopefully what I did manage will start me off to a good week. And if I can get through this scene, the good Underground stuff comes next.