>I finally made those cupcakes I’ve been talking about for weeks, last night – red velvet cake cupcakes, gluten-free.

Here’s how they turned out:

They looked great, the texture was perfect – so cake like, which I hadn’t been expecting, and the taste was good. Just a little strange, and if I hadn’t had black bean brownies so many times in the past, I may not have been able to figure out what was different about them. They’re not something you’re going to sit and devour, so its almost not worth it to make them – I think I’d rather have the real thing, where you have to force yourself not to eat the batter.

Plus, the above still has some sugar, and needs it, too. So they’re not entirely guilt-free. Another vote for the real thing.

The recipe above makes about 11 or so.


I’ve got French bread rising, and tonight I’m going to make my favorite meatballs, next to Mom’s Swedish meatballs. Yes, they have bacon! I might even go all out and make the noodles, too – I haven’t done that in awhile, and I’m in a cooking mood, for some reason. Nothing is better than lounging around the house and leisurely making elaborate foods while playing Borderlands (gooo, multi-tasking!) and drinking endless cups of coffee, which leads to endless glasses of wine. Lovely.

Also, I’m mulling of the thought of changing the world of CoFCoL a little to fit a particular anthology. It wouldn’t take too much work, and since its a great antho that accepts novelettes, it might be worth the effort. We’ll see if I get to that today.