>I’m unusually spry this morning (yes, I’m an old geezer) for a Monday – it’s refreshing. I’m not certain why, but I’m not complaining. So far: slush read, one OWW crit done, and I’ve got another friend’s revision up next, and some nits to “Child of Fortune, Child of Labor” before I tinker around with the worldbuilding a bit. Or maybe the new short for the Anywhere but Here anthology, in case the venue where CoFCoL is currently out at decides to take it. But I liked X6 so much that it would be silly for me to not try for something in a couer de lion publication.

And then there’s “Fish out of Water” to work on – less cliche characters, Ilan says. And the alchemist short which I haven’t touched because either I’ve taken a wrong turn, or it’s not the right time to work on it. I’ve got six other shorts out there right now, and as I hear back, that will mostly likely mean more revisions. Which is good – I need to do all I can before tax season, which is already looming over me.

Oh, and I need to read the rest of the Apex Magazine Muslim/Arab issue (I loved, loved, loved the El-Mohtar,) the Toblar and the Daly at Fantasy Magazine, and some Electric Velocipide, too, in case they ever open again to submissions. I’m not sure if anything I have will fit there – which is why I need to read them.

Cute, aren’t they? The difference in the size of their heads is hilarious to me. John made Buddy sit next to the cat, who got up and left right after he snapped the picture. They’ve both been so sweet lately – aside from the cat trying to escape for freedom every time we open the front door, which is the only obstacle from sweet killing of birds and feline HIV. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I warn him of the latter, it never sinks into his cat brain. He just wants to kill, kill, kill.