>There are a bazillion things I’ve wanted to blog about, including the terrible movie Gamer (which started off so great, then turned unbelievably confusing and completely unacceptable, structurally), the mass quantity of Christmas cookies including the (finally!) successful meringues (no breakdowns this year about meringues! but I had to stave one off about the third batch of buttercreams…), although I really should have kept them in the oven for 3 hours instead of 4, more dithering on short stories and trying to find the one that works, how the next one finally revealed itself, and then Nellie, the newest addition to the family, and my early Christmas present from John.

Yes, she needs a blanket and a pillow. Because she’s a baby. She’s 23 lbs, almost 4 and 1/2 months old, and very, very sweet. She was in a foster family for awhile, so I don’t think she realizes that John and I (and Buddy & Kitty) are hers, but she’ll get it soon enough. But man – taking the dog out to pee at 2 am in the morning? If that’s too much for me, there will never be babies in our future. Not that we’re in any hurry.