>Because these were so good, I decided I really needed to show pictures.

I mean, look at all that chocolate. I left them all at home, and hopefully John will take them all to work. They’re EVIL.

Oh yeah, and the key is to keep them on the cookie sheet after the short baking time. Or they’ll flatten. . . like the ones in the pictures. I had eaten all the good ones by the time I found the camera.


I wonder sometimes that perhaps if I didn’t do my morning pages, I might have more to talk about on the blog. But then all the ditherings that go on my mind would be out here in cyberspace, and I can’t imagine that’s a good thing, either. Roping them down on paper where they can sit and stay, far away from my daily life, seems safer.

In the meantime, “Undertow” is now “Lisse,” I’m waiting to hear back on several submissions, which seem to have made it past the slush reader, and am seriously considering Clarion West. No, not considering anymore, I’ll apply, for sure. Whether I’ll get in, or even be able to go, is another story. But I must apply first, and see what happens.