>And officially, on Coeur de Lion’s blog:

On the reading front, we passed the 200 submission mark as we teetered into 2011. Accepted stories stand at 18 now, weighing in at 107,000 words but there’s still room, and a few promised manuscripts from some heavy hitters are still to taxi onto my desk. As of last update, I’ve accepted another four stories, so the following will be joining our already illustrious ranks:
‘Oak with the Left Hand’ by Tristan Davenport
‘Pink Ice in the Jovian Rings’ by Colum Paget
‘Beneath the Floating City’ by Donna Maree Hanson
‘Lisse’ by Erin Stocks.
Anywhere But Earth is due to be released in the second half of 2011.

Very exciting!

John and I finished the fifth season of Dr. Who over the weekend, which we thoroughly enjoyed. As I think back, I’m really not sure how Amy’s memory could restore his (and the Tardis’) existences, but…details, right? Plus, it says something that I didn’t think about that until now, two days after we watched it. I was just so happy he was back. And I admit to being very, very curious about River Song and who she is, although I really didn’t care much about her until the last 2 episodes or so, when I finally gave in and accepted the fact that Amy and the Doctor really won’t get together.

More work on Harvester the novel, which is slowly ticking along. Too slowly, but it’s something, and I’m trying to be content with what it is, and not judge it right out of the box.  In WoW, I’m trying out the holy spec of my priest, and I’m terrible at it. But it’s great fun, especially in dungeons. As long as I don’t let everyone die (which has happened twice now…)

Tonight, beef stew for John, and sweet potato-pear soup for me, with rye bread I made yesterday. It’s only been five days, officially, without meat, but I feel really, really good. Currently reading “Eating Animals,” which is mostly depressing and horrifying, and I can only take it in small doses.