>My brain is full of mush, but I had 2 important things to say, both Lightspeed related:

1. Maggie Clark’s “Saying the Names” our first piece of March fiction. A gorgeous piece with some father-daughter drama thrown in, alongside a very well-thought-out alien world and a culture full of sounds. I love it more and more every time I read it.

2. Donato Giancola’s featured gallery in the March artist spotlight. If you peruse his website, you’ll see a lot of really stunning art, but I found myself particularly taken with several of the pieces in the gallery, including “Shaman’s Loss,” which makes me just stop and stare and think and almost hurt, in a way. You can see the loss straight through the screen – it’s a story waiting to be written. The next one, “Vast Oceans of Truth,” I also found appealing. I wanted to know the story behind it. Or write my own, about an ocean filled with truth. The possibilities are endless.

And as a bonus, another Genevieve Valentine non-fiction article, which, like her others, is consistently witty and entertaining alongside providing a point of view you’ve likely never considered.