>In the short amount of time I have today, I have two really exciting things to share. I wanted to do a large post about it, but yeah, the time factor, so this will have to do. Plus, “Parasite” needs to get submitted again (meaning I need to glance over it), as I received a kind, personal rejection from Abyss & Apex the other day. Hopefully I can find the right home for that story soon.

First, Clarion accepted me for the class of 2011!! I’m so happy about this. Thrilled to death. And, today I’ve worked out the financial details, so I’m even happier than when I got the acceptance email about two weeks ago and then had to sit on the news. This is really going to happen!

Second, I just stumbled upon a review Cat Rambo did of Destination: Future. I respect Cat’s work a lot (I loved her “Amid the Words of War” for Lightspeed), and she says some really nice things:

Erin E. Stocks’ “The Light Stones,” moves in fantasy-ish direction, slightly flavored with Vance or Leiber-like overtones. Like so many of the other stories, it delights and provokes thought.


Oh, AND, I finally found yellow split peas at the most gorgeous Whole Foods I’ve ever seen in my entire life last weekend in Chicago. Now I can make more of those vegan recipes I’ve been waiting to do (from Appetite for Reduction, naturally), since Moskowitz uses the yellow split peas as a thickener or replacement for flour.