John and I were doing some serious cleaning yesterday, and I went into the bedroom to see Kitty had found a new napping place, on top of the books I had cleared off the floor next to the bed so we could vacuum.


The fur on his little paw is finally growing back from where he had his i.v. in a few weeks ago; poor little guy.

Yesterday had herb bread, chili-rubbed tofu po’ boys and mustard greens from Veganomican, a clean house, recycling, and gym. We tried to watch next week’s episode of Game of Thrones on my iPad with HBO GO, but it kept locking up, and then wouldn’t even let us sign in. Today, it’s all about “Sarscon 8,” the tentative new name of that elusive SF short which I tried to figure out all weekend.

The story is mostly written, but I’m having trouble with the main character and how she fits into it. Her motivations are clear – Get The Girl – but the why behind them keeps eluding me, as does her role in the whole thing, and her role to her lover; which one has the stronger personality, and in which situation. It’s tedious work, the kind that takes hours on a single page, that can be both crushing at how little progress you’ve made in three hours or thrilling that something finally works. And, the end isn’t there.

But that’s the plan for this week. And maybe some Harvester chapters.

Humid as hell, today, with storms and tornadoes this afternoon.