I’m alive! Probably more than my seventeen other classmates, as we have four stories to macro/micro critique tonight, and since the one I turned in was the longest, (meaning one less for me to read), I’ll probably get to bed the soonest.

Today was rough for me – the first day when wow-I-can’t-write-shit-like-that-other-guy-and-that-one-too sank in far too deeply (I’d been resisting it quite well up until now) and then stuck, and I couldn’t scrape it off for the life of me. Plus, this is the longest I’ve been away from John for nearly 3 years, well, since we’ve met, and I miss the dogs and cat terribly. But not the heat. Right now, it’s probably 65 degrees here. Just amazing.

The backspace key on my laptop squeaks.

I have written 2 out of the 6 stories I am planning to write while I’m here. The first needs a great deal more work, although I had a blast with it, and the one I turned in today is far more complete, while quite ambitious, and I’m greatly insecure as well as proud of it – we’ll see tomorrow what my classmates have to say.

This week is John Scalzi, which is a completely different vibe than Nina Kiriki Hoffman; it’s a lovely contrast, actually, which gives an interesting variety and keeps us on our toes.

I grow empty, very quickly; I must find new ways of nourishing the well. The new Sirenia Digest (Caitlyn R. Kiernan) came in my email, though, just an hour ago, and I think I shall immerse myself in that the rest of the night.

This is exactly where I want to be.

I must take some pictures. But for now, Skype with the Husband! More soon.