The longer I procrastinate, the more a here’s-how-Clarion-was blog entry feels intimidating. Or maybe it’s that we’ve been running about nonstop since John picked me up at the airport, and all the house things have gone wrong since Sunday. ALL the things. Well, except for the fridge delivery today, which is so far so good. Hopefully the movers will show up (unlike the ones yesterday) this evening, and hopefully no one will pass out in the heat.

The dogs LOVE the yard (as do I, and I have so many plans for it.) And Kitty has adjusted already by rubbing his face on every door frame. I am swamped swamped swamped with work at the day job, which I expected and tried to plan for, mentally, but was not successful. And then there’s the lengthy amount of downtime I really wish I had after the intensity of Clarion. (PS: start saving, writer people, so you can go next year. Not a thing to missed if you can hep it. And look at the instructor line-up: Jeffrey Ford, Marjorie Liu, Ted Chiang, Walter Jon Williams, Holly Black and Cassie Clare! Let me just repeat something. JEFFREY FORD!)

But I managed 334 words today, although I barely made it through the first section of my Week 3 Clarion story. Pulling teeth, but I did it. Kij Johnson says 250 words, daily. Writers write, so words must be put on the page. If you feel like you’re cheating, you probably are. And 250 shitty words count, too, and I’d say only 1/2 of my 334 were shitty. That equals win!

I’ve read three stories in Ellen Datlow’s new Supernatural Noir the last few days. My favorite opening stories of an antho yet this year, which is so exciting! Maybe I’ll do a full review of it. Who knows, I could end up pimping it the way I do Eclipse 3, which is still my favorite anthology of all time, given the volume of awesome in it. I tried to force it upon all my Clarion buddies when we were at the Mysterious Galaxy book readings, although I’m not certain I was successful…

Link for the day: a wise blog entry from Amanda Palmer about knowing your audience, playing to your audience, and ultimately, knowing yourself. I 100% agree. Know your work, know what you like to read and write, and write for yourself. Then, know where that kind of thing is published (i.e. read the markets!) and understand (if rejected) that it may not be your writing but your aesthetic that isn’t the editor’s.

More, soon!