I’ve been trying to do one thing at a time lately, since there’s been so much unpacking, the organizing of books being the largest chore – all my scores and music books, literary fiction, non-fiction, and then my SFF books (including 57 Tanith Lee books – I finally decided to count them – although I need at least 15 more or so to own them all …) and far too many anthologies.  I think I came home from Clarion with maybe fifteen books as well, although most of them are in my to-be-read pile.

We saw the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love” on Saturday, which was very cute. Sure, a few cliché moments (I laughed far more than John – it’s definitely a chick flick), but I was impressed with some of the more serious  moments, and how the movie managed to steer away from ridiculous writing unlike nearly every romantic comedy out there. Although it could have just been perfect timing for me – John and I coming up on our anniversary, and my thinking of Mom and Dad and how long they had been married and what it would be like to be without your spouse after so many years, etc.

When we came home, I tackled the books and John built me a beautiful new desk, which I love. And then I went over the rewrite of “Mimesis,” my third-week Clarion story and sent it off to my first non-Clarion reader (minus John, who liked it a lot).

So, a successful weekend, despite the grief involved – yesterday marked two years since Mom’s passing. And today marks 2 years since I married an amazing man, and every day I’m more happy to be with him.

It occurred to me this morning I may be ready to pick up on The Harvester book, again, and continue writing it. An exciting thought. I do need something new, given the 7 short story revisions/rewrites I’m looking at.

Next blog post – a normal Clarion day. With pictures.