baby 2

Mostly back indeed! Josephine Sandra Rubin was born June 22, 7 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches long. After six week off, which were a blur of figuring out the craziness of breastfeeding (which is so much more complicated than it seems – I really want to do an entire post on everything I’ve learned with that, as well as labor and what that was like, and the amazingness of cloth diapering – which I love – but I doubt time will let me!), sleep cycles/schedules, and trying to get used to such a tiny dictator, I’m back to work. The kiddo above is at school (no kidding, there are baby classes! but oh, the first few days of sending her there were absolute torture; I still watch the clock until I can go feed her at lunch, and then go pick her up at 5 pm), and sleep deprivation has fully kicked in. I did my first critique of a friend’s story a few days ago, have picked up reading again (am currently working through The Weird anthology, and just finished George R. R. Martin’s “Sandkings,” which was horrifying) and am debating what to work on in my own writing – book, Clarion shorts (two which still need to be reworked) or something new?

Next week, she’ll be two months old. John and I are pretty wild about her.