>The weather today looks like the current background of this blog, only darker, blustery, and with driving rain. It’s lovely, but I’d prefer to be at home on the couch with hot chocolate, rather than at the quiet office, watching it through the window.

We’re robbed of fall here in OK in both temperature (yesterday, it was almost 90 degrees) and color – the trees are all green, still, or a boring sort of green/brown/neutral.

Except for the one tree in the front yard, which has exploded into orange. I kept forgetting to take a picture of it until yesterday, although by then, it had lost so many of its leaves.

I’ve finished fairly solid drafts of both Parasite & Round Robin, now, and have posted them on OWW. Already I’ve gotten some good feedback, although I’m certain Parasite has a ways to go yet. One friend called it ‘fascinating and complicated,’ which was the exact experience I had in writing it; I had to break all the ‘rules’ in writing it, given Josephine’s disability, which continues to have no shortage of complications.

While I wait for crits on that, I’m bringing up the alchemist story again, in hopes that things might just suddenly happen (like the end of Round Robin did, which had gone endless for nearly 2 years). It’s a lot to hope for, but you never know.


I want to make some of these recipes this weekend, particularly the Red Velvet cupcakes. Cupcakes! Just look at those delectable pictures. Surely there’s a way to make a less sugary frosting? But chances are John may not care for them, which leaves the responsibility of consumption up to me; and I’m too quick to give in.


>Black bean brownies are unbelievable. Gluten-free, sugar-free, fiberlicious, with only 2 downsides: they’re a lot of work, especially if your blender/food processor is a cheap one, and one batch has 2 sticks of butter in it. Oh, so I guess there’s a third downside: they’re far too easy to put away because they’re just so damn good.

I used this recipe. My walnuts were stale, so I skipped those, and I didn’t have quite enough agave nectar so I had to use a little splenda and honey, but soooo good. I used 1/2 Ghirardelli chocolate (100% cocoa) and 1/2 Baker’s unsweetened chocolate, and I think I want to use a smaller pan next time so they’re thicker – they’re so moist that we froze them, and it’s like the most amazing chocolate cake bars/brownies you’ve ever had. No need for regular sugary brownies ever again.

Then, the best rye loaf ever – this one had a starter, which was just boiling water, rye flour and honey, which I put together last night, then did the bread today. With a single piece of cheese, it was heaven.

I didn’t put away the dozens of books and cds on my floor in the office like I was planning to, but we certainly ate well tonight – roasted chicken & potatoes & carrots with the bread & brownies. Oh, and the Ghost in the Shell Innocence movie, which is stunning on HD. I think I liked the actual seasons better, the individual episodes.

And…John and I bought our honeymoon/anniversary trip! Hurray! Santa Barbara & Solvang, California, in August. And, another Chicago trip for me at the end of May – little baby Youngerman better be born when he’s supposed to so I get to meet him.

Haven’t had many OWW reviews on Children Dumpling Soup yet, but that’s because I haven’t put in the effort I need to first. That’s on the plan for tomorrow. Plus, I think the end is still a bit problematic – we’ll see if I can fix that. And I want to finish Deadbells this week. A big goal, considering the lack of direction I feel about it, but who knows, it may surprise me and work out.

>Right outside the front door at work. Aren’t they lovely? Several bushes of them.

It’s been a good week – I don’t think I’ve said that since January. I hope I say it until at least 2011. And, John and I figured out where we want to go for our honeymoon/anniversary. We might buy the trip tonight – we’ll see. And, I put Children Dumpling Soup back up on OWW (Gio tells me it works!!!), and finally got myself involved again doing crits. It feels great.

Tonight, turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and a glass of Macallan scotch, and a last hurrah on the legendary Halo 3 campaign before the beta for the new one comes out next week (John tells me that I’m a geek. Or is it a nerd? Because apparently there’s a huge difference…and it’s not as if he can really talk…) And hopefully the starter for the rye bread I want to make – it needs to sit over twelve hours.